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Meet the integrated, cloud-based management solution that maximizes your museum’s revenue

Doubleknot helps optimize every customer interaction, so you can fulfill your mission.  

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Does your museum use more than one system to manage memberships and admissions, sell tickets and merchandise, accept group bookings, and support programs like camps, classes and special events?  

If you’re using multiple solutions to manage those operations, Doubleknot’s single integrated system and powerful tools may seem like a dream come true.  

Whether crowds are strolling through your museum in person or planning a visit online, Doubleknot will help you optimize engagement, reduce costs, and develop and deliver programs and services that keep visitors and members hurrying back for more.  

Trusted by The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum

“Doubleknot has the system that works best for our needs. We’re very pleased with Doubleknot.” Cheryl Darr, Chief Financial Officer The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum 

Every Department, Empowered & Optimized

 When everything works together, you can meet your financial and operational goals and reduce administrative burden.







Win Over Hearts, Minds, & Wallets 

The tools and data your museum needs, all in a single system.  

Generate more revenue with Doubleknot

Build a revenue-generating machine 

Whether online, at admissions, in the gift shop, or roaming anywhere, Doubleknot delivers powerful tools to sell, cross-sell and upsell everything your museum offers. Analyze data to identify trends and pinpoint opportunities using Doubleknot’s full-featured reporting and query tools that can access records of every purchase, visit, registration, and donation. Grow membership, boost participation, and increase donations by delivering targeted incentives and appeals to exactly the right people at exactly the right time.  

Delight visitors, members, & donors 

Doubleknot is uniquely designed to help museums build loyalty and personalize every interaction with visitors, members, and donors.  

From eliminating long lines, filling tours and camps, and increasing memberships to building successful donation campaigns and greeting members and donors by name, Doubleknot empowers museums to deliver a world-class experience across every touchpoint.  

Information for every purchase, donation, and interaction is stored in the constituent’s profile, providing complete visibility to your team and streamlining future purchases for your supporters.  

Delight your customers and donors 

Now it’s possible to exceed the expectations of every person who comes in contact with your museum, across every touchpoint.

From creating consistent, memorable, world-class customer experiences to easily identifying big donors and giving them the VIP treatment, Doubleknot helps you deliver.

Sell & Manage Everything, Everywhere

Doubleknot is powerful to manage your entire operation and flexible to provide each department with tools uniquely designed to support their programs. Configure anything (tickets, events, tours, donations, merchandise, and more) for sale once, and make it available immediately online, at every cash register, and on the integrated mobile sales app. And, our team of experts is committed to your museum’s success every step of the way, from planning, implementation and training to ongoing support and customer education opportunities.  

Museums Everywhere Surpass Their Goals with Doubleknot 

Slashing administration time to focus on activities supporting their mission 

Nevada Northern Railway Museum Succeeds with Doubleknot


After using Altru for six years, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum sought an integrated solution that met their needs for ticketing, reservations, memberships, donations, and merchandise sales, including reservations and discounts for multi-night lodging.


A reported 400% increase in online donations, a 33% increase in overall reservations, and improved customer service.  

 “We are very happy with our switch from Altru to Doubleknot.” - Mark Bassett, Executive Director

The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum


Managing registrations and reservations for programs and events serving more than 60,000 students on field trips, 25,000 participants in outreach programs and a full slate of options for special events, camps, birthday parties, sleepovers, and more.  


Improved customer service with always-up-to-date booking calendars, flexible event registration and an easy-to-use mobile app for sales and check-in.  

“There are great time-saving tools In Doubleknot. So many things are already easier, and our customers have no complaints.” - Carrie Hutchcraft, Director of Marketing and Development